This Change Can Be Experienced Husband and Wife After Having Children

The presence of a baby can bring happiness to married couples (couples). However, that does not mean this change will be easily traversed. In order not to end up in a stretchy relationship, there are some tips that can be done to maintain harmony. After the baby is born, many couples complain about various conflicts in the household. Starting from the husband who arbitrarily, until resentment due to lack of mutual understanding. Possible Changes Domestic life is not always smooth, especially when Little is present, which means more demands must be met. Here are some changes that couples often complain about after having children: Reduced attention Caring for a newborn baby does take a lot of time, energy and attention. This also can eventually lead to lack of attention to the couple. If previously a wife could give full attention to her husband, after the baby was born, of course this would all be felt to be reduced. Problems like that are not always fully understood by couple
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